Collaboration – The meeting of the Minds

Hey all,

Just wanted to drop a blog to let you all know  that I am in deep collaboration with one of my fellow film makers who has caught the screenwriting “bug”.

I’ve been hassling him to spew forth his creative side, so after serious prodding over hot wings (which we truly love and also share for our ritual Friday lunch), he committed himself to providing me his “story”.

So in this Collaboration the roles are similar to what I have read that other successful collaborators do: 1) Share scene development, and 2) each write and provide a catalyst to the story development.

It works really well. He provides me his thoughts, and I, being the screenwriter/formatting GURU/Editor put his thoughts into my screenwriting program.

I then PDF the scene (s) back to him and we discuss it at our next hot wing feast. Then we repeat the above process.

This will eventually get us to the rough draft.

We are not going to analyze, edit, or rearrange scenes at this time. The object here is to get the scenes down first.

One thing we didn’t do at this time is outline the whole story first. We are being creative in letting the “story develop itself”. Some say this is Taboo, some say it creates a more realistic outcome. Only time will tell.

The part that I love the most is after years of missteps with co-writer websites, I have kept it close to home, with someone I trust and enjoy working with.

So we shall see how this new project develops, but so far I am optimistic.

Stay tuned for more.

Keep Writing Screenwriters–Life is short! Eat your Dessert first!





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