Father Time

Father Time - Source: WikiCommons

Father Time – Source: WikiCommons

Hello all,

After listening to a ballad from rock guitarist “Father Time” by Richie Sambora, I was intrigued by the lyrics. The song is about the loss of a loved one. We have all lost loved ones during our lives and when we do, we always ask ourselves for more time. Time to say what we need to say, or just to be with our loved ones as we pass on. It is a humbling moment in our lives as we deal internally with loss and grieve in our own ways.

What if you were able to talk with “Time.” Imagine “Time” to be an entity (not in a physical sense) and Father Time, a person or someone who manages it, like the day-to-day (no pun intended here) personal relationships everyone’s has with “Time”. It’s almost like a “limited life contract” and you, being the recipient, must negotiate for more life. But the negotiation is determined by your resolution of internal and external life issues you at the time your contract ends.

As a father myself, I had to reflect how one deals with this event. So I’m putting together (and I quote my supporting wife) a “Doom and Gloom” story. with maybe a theme of internal thoughts on how we all should resolve our issues before we pass on. Regardless of the genre, the overall goal for any screenwriter is to instill “emotional response” from the audience. Good, bad, or both. With terminal illness prevalent in our society today, I’m sure this hits home for everyone.

As I pondered this project, I noted the title “Father Time” could have at least two distinct meanings:

  1. Father Time the old man, – Manager of life and time depicted in so many literary readings of our days, or
  2. Father Time – Time spent with the male parent in our lives. Father-Time—the precious human memories we get so few of in our limited time on this planet.

So, I took both of those contexts and mashed them into my writing “Father Time.”

Logline:  “A terminally ill widower begs Father Time to repair his lost relationship with his daughter who blames him for her mother’s death. Unfortunately, he’s talking to the wrong person.”

Stay tuned for a synopsis. I’ll keep my readers updated as the project unfolds.




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