Putting Feelings to Paper


Hey all,

We survived Hurricane Matthew. We live in Central Florida, so the impact to us was a lot of rain and some wind. Kudos to the power companies for quick-turning the power for the ones who lost it.

With all the stress and feelings, I had to drop a note about how many veteran screenwriters drive the point: “Write what you know, write how you feel.”

I believe internal feelings drive some of the best writing. Whether it be a a blog, screenplay, or that note to the teacher (yes, true feelings of illness on a note can make the difference…especially if Mom writes it…hehehehe).

I recently dusted on a dark script off and started to work through it. I reflected when I wrote it; it was at a time where there was a lot of attention (and still is) on bullying.

As a victim of bullying myself, I was compelled to write how I might react if confronted with my bullies. Not only that, what if my bullies indirectly killed one of my friends, (also a victim) in front of my eyes?

How would I react? How would you react if they left you there alone with him/her?

Would you hold a grudge?  If so, for how long?

After researching my thoughts, I found so much online information on bullying. It was intense trying to corral all those feelings drummed up from my past. But it was rocket fuel for writing.

The one that sealed the storyline for “Justifiable Revenge” (I’m thinking of changing it to “Fear Nothings”), was an article about a guy bullied relentlessly in high school.

His plan was to pull a “Carrie” at his 20th high school reunion. Talk about grudge. This guy must have been pissed. You can read it here.

Revenge movies are popular. Good versus evil. And Audiences want the Protagonist to kick his/her butt. It’s a good writing model.

As I rewrite this “To avenge my best friend, you will die” thriller, I must restrain myself sometimes because some of the scenes that I “feel” are horrific and could never be filmed (however, Martin Scorsese might) .

What’s important to screenwriters, in my humble unrepped opinion, is that “putting feelings to paper” is the catalyst needed to drive yourself to the words “FADE OUT”

If interested in the logline:

Justifiable Revenge – “On the 20th anniversary of a bully victim’s death, surviving victims team up to execute revenge only to discover they’re gonna have to take a number.”

Thanks for reading–



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