Tribulations of Screenwriting

Hello, my fellow Screenwriters!

Long time, no hear. Didn’t realize until now, how long it’s been since my last post.  I’ve been busy with the primary job (Technical Writing), downsizing into an apartment and enjoying the birth of another Grandson. Tribulations may not be the proper word for my current situation, but I do feel that Writes block has

“Tribulations” may not be the proper word for my current situation, but I do feel Writer’s Block has crept into my life. I’m dealing with it by keeping active in honing my craft and reading screenplays.

My current project, “Confession In A Bottle” is a murder mystery where a mother loses her daughter to a tragic accident and as she grieves, discovers a note in a bottle on the beach ([nsert “I Dream of Jeannie” joke here]. The note, a decades old murder confession, entices the mother to investigate the murder to possibly heal herself by solving this crime.

As I developed this story, the direction and intensity have changed over the last year, but I’m almost finished with the first draft. As long as I can work through this writer’s block and let my characters evolve the storyline, I should be fine.

I promise to write more often.

“Keep writing and fighting. Never stop dreaming of that one story; a story the world needs to hear. ”



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