Hello all, my name is James “JC” Leach. About me? I’m a retired Air Force veteran, write technical documentation, and specialize in Instructional Design. That’s the day job.

When I’m not developing step-by-step manuals for the next weapons delivery platform, I utilize my visual interpretation skills to write screenplays.

Screenplays are my addiction. That hungry nagging I feed every night (or as much as possible). Some call it a hobby. I use it as a release of my inner feelings, anger, whatever comes to mine to drive my writing. With the time, effort, and military work ethic I put into my writing, it has bloomed into a fully involved “Addiction.”

I thought it appropriate to name this blog “JC Leach – The Addicted Screenwriter.”

As my screenwriting projects continue, I’m honing the craft, telling great stories, and with some perseverance, get recognized, option a screenplay (or two), or even see one go to the screen.

I hope you enjoy my blog and please, take a look around.

I have posted my Loglines, my working projects, a few synopsis, and general updates.

Tell me how I’m doing. If you’re interested in any of my projects, feel free to email me at jcleach19@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance,